Designing Flash Games – Part 1

I’m gonna post some tutorials about designing flash games. There’s several things you should remember, and there’s several things that you shouldn’t have in your game. To begin, I’m gonna post some tips.

  1. You must have a good and original idea. The big fact. And basically, the most important thing. No game will be good if it don’t have a good idea, and the best games are original. I could tell you many things about this part, but all I would say would basically mean the same things, so I say: Make an original game, and don’t make the idea stupid or pointless.
  2. ART! If you can’t draw, then practice. If you’re lazy, then get a drawer (remember to give him credit) or use sprites. I do still recommend you to practice. And remember, no game can be good without good art.
  3. Bugs, it’s definitely not a good thing! Yeah, so, put your game for beta testing, take time to fix bugs, because…. it will pay of! None will enjoy a game filled with bugs, so that’s basically why you should make sure that your game is as bug-free as possible.
  4. Make a storyline. This might be optional, but most games are a lot more interesting if they do have a good story, with a red line. The story can be made using some text that says what’s going on, in game story where characters do talk to each other with a, lets say, radio. Or the probably the best option, some animations!
  5. Instructions. You want us to hate your game, or do you want us to love it? There’s a really simple thing that can change the score of your game A LOT! Put instructions into your game, it’s worth it!
  6. Smart controls. Smart, not stupid. Many games have been ruined because of stupid controls, that are hard to learn, hard to reach, too long from each other, going away from standards (such as WASD) and so on. We don’t want to focus on the controls, we want to focus on the game!
  7. Have several options. Well, what can add a replay value? Maybe a little thing that allows you to customize your character? Doesn’t that sound good? Well, it can add a replay value. And there’s also other ways of raising the replay value, of course. Maybe a lot of free missions or something like that?
  8. No lag, it’s not good. Lagging, what a sad thing to ruin a game with. People want to play a game that is smooth, not a game that is lagging, and slow. And if you have a fast computer, remember that everyone doesn’t have to have one. In case you don’t have a slower test computer, why not ask a friend to try it out?
  9. Highscores. Yey! Highscores! That’s a plus, it does of course raise the replay value of your game, because of the little fact that you can fight against the rest of the world and try to be the best. That’s fun!

That was all for this part, and I hope to be able to post another part as soon as possible!

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