Designing Flash Games – Part 2

So, I’ll continue the list I started earlier. Read it first if you haven’t!

  1. Preloader. Yey, we get to stare at a blank screen, how funny! No, it’s not funny at all. Make a preloader, it’s completely worth it.
  2. Checkpoints in long levels. Well, isn’t it annoying when you lose, and have to start from the beginning? Of course it is, even if it might make the game a little bit harder. If your game have got long levels, then I do recommend that you add checkpoints a little here and there during the game.
  3. Saving, and loading. This, is very important! If you haven’t got that feature yet in your game add it, or wait, some puzzle games (without levels), quizzes and that doesn’t need it, but if there’s any story, and achievements or anything the user would like to keep, then the feature to save and load the game would be nice. And yeah, maybe autosaving would be good too?
  4. If you remake a classic, make sure to have something new! Let’s say, you’re making a tetris remake. Oh yeah, there’s hundreds of tetris remakes already, why would we want another? Well, we might want another, but then it better have something new and creative. Remember the first point in part one!
  5. Don’t use hard to read fonts. Many hard to read fonts do LOOK nice, but it’s NOT FUN TO READ if it’s hard to. Don’t have too small fonts either, and don’t put too much effects on the text, it should both look good and be easy to read.
  6. Keep contrast at a level that doesn’t hurt in your eyes! Well, I don’t know how many people actually enjoy that it hurts in their eyes. I don’t think there’s many. Think about the contrast, and your game will be a lot more appreciated.
  7. Don’t have too weak contrast either! Then it can be hard to read and all that stuff, so basically, to say point 6 and point 7 in one sentence: Have a good contrast level!
  8. Free mode. So, your game have got a campaign mode, but no free mode? That’s not good, a free mode is plenty of fun and highly recommended. Think about adding one, and your game might suddenly get a whole lot better.
  9. Secrets, fun? Yes. You can add several ways to unlock secrets during the game. This gives the game more depth and it gets a lot more interesting, too!

And that was the 9 points for today, thanks for reading, and hope you will remember this!

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