The simple hitTest code, explained, and a lil’ bit improved.

Hi, I’ve seen many questions by many beginners asking about hitTest. Their questions are usualy about some simple hitTest codes, and I’m gonna explain for you how everything works in this tutorial.


hitTest is a command used in actionscript to check if one object touches another. This is a very well used code, as it’s used in about every game. It can be used to create walls, powerups, traps or anything else that will do any command when the specified object touches it.


Um, no copy/paste, ok? This tutorial is meant for teaching you, if you copy/paste, you might get the code, but you will NOT understand it!

But the code is still here, and it’s explained too. It should be put on the enemy MC.

onClipEvent (enterFrame) { //When you enter the frame, code will run itself over and over again.
if (this.hitTest(_root.player)) { //Checks if it touches the player MC, in case it does, the following command will be executed... -= 15;//You'll lose 15 health

Now, this isn’t the code I use normally, as it only checks the object rectangle, which means, if your MC is any other shape than a rectangle, the hitTest will be oversensitive. If you want to see the object rectangle, click on a MC with the selection tool. You will now understand, the player doesn’t have to touch the actual object, only that rectangle. This is why that code is a bad code…


Well, let’s look at a better code. Put it on the player MC this time. And, no copy/paste!

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {//When you enter the frame, code is running itself over and over again
if (_root.enemy.hitTest(_x, _y, true)) {//The better hitTest, it do actually check if it touches the actual shape! enemy is the instance of the enemy MC -= 15;//You'll lose 15 health

Well, this code does the same thing, but on a better way! It will check if it touches the actual shape, not the object rectangle. The first hitTest is really bad, and it’s not really easier either. Use this one, I would say it’s better!

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3 Comments on “The simple hitTest code, explained, and a lil’ bit improved.”

  1. MIke Says:

    U explained what everyone does the same for 5 years in multiple tutorials. Try it little different. Explain how to achieve it for a car on the street (with angles).

  2. antoarts Says:


    Well, I know, but I explained this for beginners. Check out my other tutorials anyway!

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