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Game Design, the sounds.

August 4, 2008

Sounds are an important thing to think about in games. Well, some things to remember is (and yes, this will be a list too, like my other game design tutorial):

  1. BACKGROUND MUSIC: Well, what must the background music do? Well, it can’t be to uncompressed, ‘cuz people don’t like long waits. It shouldn’t be too compressed either, ‘cuz then it will sound dirty, and then none wants to listen to it, they will usually quit the game.
  2. MUTE BUTTON: Sometimes, people don’t want to listen to your background music. In those cases, a mute button would be good. Think about that!
  3. EFFECTS: Effects, they do give the game a feeling, or what would a shooting game be without gun sounds? But the effects shouldn’t be too loud, and what they SHOULD do is to be matching the thing that happens. And yes, for gun sounds, I’ve heard a lot of critic for a lot of peoples games were people have said they should use different gun sounds for different guns. Now, you can’t put the sound of a AK47 on a SPAS12, you must also use the correct, or something very close. Flashkit can be a good site to look for sound effects.
  4. BACKGROUND MUSIC CAN’T BE REPETITIVE: You know, while people are playing your game, they are gonna listen to the background music trough the whole game! It should absolutely not be repetitive, or you’ll get angry comments. Listen to a song in about 10 minutes, will it make you mad? Probably if it’s a 10 second loop…
  5. VOICES: Now, every game doesn’t need voices, but in some games it can be good, and I’m sure you agree with me that voices can be a lot more entertaining than some text. Don’t use the MS Sam voice, it DOES sound dirty, and that’s not what we want. We want real voices, so you need someone to do the voice acting. You can’t have the same voice on everyone either, and if you don’t get any voice actors, try to at least manipulate your voice to make it sound different on everyone. Do this on the computer, ‘cuz if you do it in the microphone, it will sound plain stupid. And yeah, you should have a quality microphone.

That was the five steps for now. Use the comments section if something isn’t as you think it is or that I’ve missed something.